About Us

Youngstown School is a learning community that is home to 55 students in Grades 1-12.

  Youngstown School has a staff of 5.0 FTE Teachers, a 0.5 FTE Administrator, 2.875 FTE Educational Assistants, a 0.5 FTE Librarian, and a full time Secretary.

    School Vision:  All hard work yields a profit.

    School Mission: The mission of Youngstown School, in partnership with parents and community, is to provide high quality learning opportunities by engaging and motivating students in an inclusive atmosphere, to ensure personal growth and achievement as lifelong learners.

Principal: Mrs. Haley Powell

309-3RD AVE  

PO Box 69

Youngstown, AB T0J 3P0

Phone: 403-779-3822

Fax: 403-779-3868

Email: youngstownschool@plrd.ab.ca

Youngstown, AB